Leveraging deep technical construction expertise, VueOps consultants make facility data work for you and your business environment. VueOps gives you situational information at your fingertips to better manage your facility.
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What we do

VueOps is the new way to view and manage your facility operations. With VueOps, you can access building intelligence to maximize the value from design and construction, and seamlessly transition knowledge to the owner operations and maintenance phase through:

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Collaborative Consultancy

We work with building owners to specify data requirements up front for facilities, allowing project teams to collect, validate and transfer the data. We design and implement workflows to manage the data for the facility lifecycle.

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VueOps Software

Our application combines intelligent search with location-based 3D BIM navigation to deliver a simple and easy way to find construction turnover information and manage warranty events for assets data installed across sites, buildings, and projects.

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Building Performance

Turnover data is accurate for only a short time after you cut the ribbon on a new facility. We'll help you keep up with changes in your facility and monitor its performance, through integration of the VueOps application with building maintenance, management, and analytics systems.

Who we are

VueOps is made of architects, builders, construction project managers, startup founders, computer programmers, BIM and CAD experts, and AR/VR/laser scan specialists – all working to create the future of the built environment.

Construction is an investment into the future. While the walls and floors are part of that investment, so are the complex systems that keep your building efficiently operating. By integrating our collaborative consulting process with our proprietary software, VueOps strives to make managing your investment intuitive.

Why VueOps?

We have something valuable to offer you.
  • Right information at the right time – Our cloud-based application lets you access building information, including documents, equipment product and performance data from anywhere, without dusty binders, lost USBs, or disorganized drives.
  • Makes BIM work intuitively for you – Easily search your buildings virtually for assets and associated documentation and manuals, no expertise required.
  • Scales to your needs – VueOps works for one building or an entire network of campuses, increasing operations efficiency at every level.